Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Nelson's Berry Farm?

Nelson's Berry Farm is located in Westboro, WI off Wisconsin State Highway 13, about fifteen miles north of Medford, WI, in Taylor County. For more detailed directions visit our About Us page.

When did Nelson's Berry Farm get started?

The berries were first planted at Nelson's in 1995. Since then, we have grown and have expanded our berry production to where we are today. For more history information and a detailed summary of how Nelson's Berry Farm came to exist, see our history information.

How do we get the strawberries to ripen so early in the season?

We cover the plants with a row cover and it keeps the plants warm. This moves them along quickly and the berries are ripe early in the season.

How did we get involved in shiitake mushrooms?

We read an article about them in a farm paper and attended a field day where we learned the basics on how to raise them. We enjoy a challenge and it was like an adventure at first.

How long can you keep fresh raspberries?

The have very little shelf life and we do not recommend keeping them at all.

Do we need to bring our own containers to pick in?

If you have ice cream pails or berry flats we appreciate it if you bring them along. We have free containers here if you need them.

Are children allowed in the berry patch?

We allow them as long as they are supervised by an adult and they are kept under control.

For what other purposes can Nelson's berries be used?

Some of the most popular uses of Nelson's berries are jams, picnics, and for weddings.

Raspberry Wedding Cake

This beautiful raspberry wedding cake was a big hit at Kim (Nelson) and Chris Coleman's wedding on October 5, 2002. What a treat and how beautiful!

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